Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Exercise Matter so Much!

We hear it all the time that we should eat better and exercise more. The sound of that prescription can start to grade on you, as it can just seem so generic, but the truth is that those are the basic principals to starting healthy. And exercise is one that the diet industry tends to not want to talk about. So here is a short list of why you should be exercising.

  • Your DNA can change
  • Stress Reduction
  • Boosts endorphins, leading to a better mood
  • Protects you from Diabetes
  • Better Concentration
So next time you are trying to talk yourself out of exercising, just think of these great reasons. It might just even just extend your life, or at least make it more enjoyable. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Eat to Live Diet

Usually I will publish research here from leading institutions to keep track of new findings; however, sometimes the best research is from the experiments you conduct yourself. With the New Year in full swing I decided to try my own experiment, which would help me work towards my resolutions this year: getting my diet in check and losing weight--an on-going battle with my genes and cultural upbringing.

The first full week of January of 2014 my husband and I began a new diet and challenge with the Eat to Live diet. I had hear about Fr. Fuhrman's research and outcomes from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I am enrolled in a certification program to become a health coach. I then forgot about it for almost 8 months when I came across the book again on my honeymoon. When we returned home I bought the book, and we have now been on the diet for 2 weeks.

Dr. Fuhrman has a 6-week diet plan as a transition into the "life plan." I have found it to be one of the simplest and clearest set of guidelines out of any diet I have ever tried. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Eat at least 1 cup of beans / day
  • Eat at least 1 lb. of green leafy vegetables / day
  • Eat at least 4 fruits / day
  • Limit starchy veggies or grains to 1 cup / day
  • Limit nuts to 2 ounces / day
  • Limit caffeine to 1 cup of coffee / day or less
  • no oils, sugar, processed foods, salt additives, alcohol
While it has been difficult as times over the last two weeks, suck as meeting friends at a bar that where in town, it has also been rewarding. To date I have lost 6 lbs. over the last 2 weeks. My skin also looks cleaner and I just generally feel good. My birthday is 1 week shy of the 6 weeks, so I will be breaking the diet a week early, but I can already see a future eating this way for both my immediate goals, and for long term health. 

I would encourage everyone to jump in and take this 6-week challenge!