Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's Move

The organization started by Michelle Obama, "Let's Move" turns 3 years old this month. This initiative is aimed at inspiring children and families to create healthier lifestyles through fitness and nutrition. Mrs. Obama's goal to decrease obesity rates is such a nobel and needed goal that I just had to acknowledge the wonderful work. While at times it may seem that the road is just to long to travel for our country to turn around our obesity rates, it is nice to have reminders out there that their is a cultural shift in our eating and physical exercise patterns in the USA.

The Shelf Life of Food

How long will that vegetable last? While the length of time really depends of how fresh it was to begin with and whether it is a GMO product, here is a brilliant infographic as a guideline. I should say that this is based off of the FDA standards, and may not be the same as your experience, for example with the eggs.

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