Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The JAMA(Journal of the American Medical Association)Report

The JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) released a new report finding that most heart attack and stroke survivors do not adapt healthier lifestyles. More than 600 people from urban and rural countries were apart of a recent study that looked at people recovering from Cardiovascular Disease. The study aimed to see whether participates would make lifestyle improvements. Sadly,  only 2/5th of people improved made improvements. The low income countries were less likely to improve their diets to meet these demands of the body; however, higher income earning countries did not do much better. Only 4% of all participants in all countries were able to follow all 3 areas of recommendation, which include quitting smoking, improved diet and increased exercise.

From a behavioral point of view it is easy to understand that individuals that have held these negative patterns for so many years will have a very hard time changing these deadly patterns. The health field's biggest challenge will be finding new ways to encourage people that diet and exercise will not only save their life, but are actually fun. 

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